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Real Estate Development from Beginning to End in California (After The Storm)

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The basics are the same in good times and in bad - learn them from the experts.

Developing real estate is tough - it's even tougher in a down economy. Learn what others are doing to maneuver through and succeed in these challenging times. Each link in the complex and multifaceted real estate development process affects the success of the project. Do you have every angle covered? These reference materials provide the perfect opportunity to get updated on all aspects of real estate development, including platting and subdivision, and environmental issues. Take the headaches out of potential zoning problems through prevention.

With legislation changing constantly, you need a sound blueprint to keep your business safe. With these reference materials, you will not only build skills and learn techniques you can use the next day, but you will gain a practical approach for confronting even the toughest real estate development dilemmas.

Benefits for You
•Analyze land use entitlement risks through the due diligence process
•Negotiate and draft a purchase agreement without hassle
•Spot potential liability issues after a real estate sale - and prevent them
•Avoid common pitfalls by mastering borrowing and investment issues

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to describe pro forma analysis.
•You will be able to discuss land use entitlements.
•You will be able to explain SB 800 and post-construction issues.
•You will be able to review contracts with design professionals and contractors.


Moderator: Bradley J. Elkin, Diepenbrock Elkin LLP
Jeremy Goulart
Towne Development of Sacramento, Inc.
Diane G. Kindermann Henderson, Abbott & Kindermann, LLP
Robert M. McCormick, Downey Brand LLP
Robert R. Riggs, Katzoff & Riggs LLP