We’re Going With My Sister, The REALTOR®

Walter Sanford
November 22, 2011 — 1,073 views  
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How do you handle the “I’m using my cousin/nephew/sister” remark? Got a hold of an expired today and they had no motivation. Decided to wait for 18 months and they are using their nephew. Should I call them back in 9 months?
Remember two important points – they need to have some motivation, and you need to ask more questions.  
Ask them -- "If property did sell, what would be good about that?" 
Once you know they have a reason to sell, say to them "If I could tell you with certainty that your property would sell, approximately how long it would take, net you more money in your pocket than the competition, and also pay your sister a large percentage of what she would earn without having to do anything -- would that earn me a 30 minute appointment with you and your spouse? 
You know the average days on market for the market, your office, and your personal efforts.  You can demonstrate how you net them more money with your exclusive services.  If you have forgotten your exclusive services, I’ve included a list below to refresh your memory!  ?
1.  The Days on Market Reducer
2.  The List-to-Sales Price Ratio Increaser
3.  The 40-Point Customized Marketing Plan
4.  The Post-Listing Inspection System
5.  The Get More Money for the REALTOR® Service
6.  The Sell the Sizzle before the Steak System
7.  The Litigation Reduction Service
8.  The Buyer VIP Service
9.  The Cooperative Agent Education Program
10. The Guaranteed Feedback System
Among the other services and plans we have discussed. 
“Sis” doesn’t have all of these.  Plus, if we have to, we can pay “sis” a 20% referral fee if the owners need to save face with her when they list with you.  
Bottom line -- you do a better job in a faster period of time and net the sellers more money.  Sis ends up getting about what she would net after all her expenses.  The seller will knows you are telling the truth when you offer new ideas each week, when you have time-blocked their feedback every Thursday, and when you offer them the opportunity to express dissatisfaction (something that is hard to do with a relative).  They know that they can't be fierce with “sis.”
Send them an email with all of this information.  Let them know they would be making a strategic mistake not to meet with you and at least hear about your programs.  They could teach them to “sis,” and if they have any motivation at all, put them in your listing leads A program, add them to the newsletter list, and send them all the new competing listings that show up in their market area.
An oil and gas lease lottery millionaire by age 16, Walter S. Sanford was in massive debt by the time he was 22.  Taking his winnings, he invested in over 400 units and found that high leverage real estate can be detrimental to your financial health.  
Obtaining his real estate brokerage license during the 80s, Walter went on to become what some believe to be one of the top agents in North America.  He built his career on systems that are in demand by virtually ever major franchise and top producing agent in the world.  1995 was Walter’s best year, in the midst of a real estate depression in Southern California, where he personally closed 316 transactions.  
Walter Sanford now coaches some of the top agents and travels internationally to deliver his seminars based upon systems with velocity increased by technology.  He is the author of 10 ground-breaking books and software that assist top real estate producers in not only beating the competition but also providing lasting estates for their future.  Systems are his passion.
Walter has been buying or selling real estate for the past 35 years.  It took a long time for Walter to find balance.  Today, he runs a successful coaching and training business; however, he is financially independent through real estate investing.  He enjoys life in “small town America” with his wonderful wife and two darling daughters.
Many speakers and trainers have never been involved in real estate brokerage aspects and none have ever been involved to Walter’s extent.
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Walter Sanford

After 30 years in the real estate industry, California real estate mega-broker Walter S. Sanford has seen it all. He's prospered in the real estate challenges we have every day! Challenges such as recessions . . . then depressions -- and has made three fortunes to remain standing as one of North America's greatest real estate success stories. (He will tell you why it took 3 times!) Walter joined the multitude of real estate agents when few mistakes could be made in the market of the late '70s. He quickly modeled his operations after the most successful agents in the business and, with several "out of the box" innovations of his own, earned a major fortune before the age of 20. Then the stern 1980s rolled around and the inexperienced Sanford found himself highly leveraged with negative cash flow on 409 apartment units. He promptly lost his equity and was left with the dubious distinction of losing more money in real estate than most people had ever made all by the age of 22. It was at this time that Walter graduated from USC with a major in real estate finance, and started his real estate career as a small independent in Long Beach, California. Needing $30,000 a month to pay off his past mistakes, Sanford combined aggressive promotion and the systematic use of teams. Soon he was closing more than 300 transactions per year. By 1982, Sanford was the dominant agent in California real estate and on his way to becoming North America's Number One Realtor®. Since then, he developed numerous systems, technologies, and attitudes that enabled him to build what many consider to be one of the top real estate careers in North America with more than $70 million in production as a single-man office PER YEAR! A pioneer for personal promotion, the use of assistants and the effective research of hot demographic groups, Sanford operates a very profitable real estate system while building a respectable portfolio of properties for himself. An innovator and creator of nearly a quarter century in the real estate business, Sanford is one of the nations most requested speakers, parlaying vital and current information to beginning and advanced REALTORS®, governmental agencies, economic advisors and national print and television media. No one gives more real, low cost, profit producing real estate ideas than Walter Sanford.