How to Create an Online Open House

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August 6, 2012 — 948 views  
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Real estate professionals might consider going digital with an online open house. This strategy could help your clients, as it allows you to showcase their homes to homebuyers across the globe.

However, you should take the same precautions you would normally take when hosting an online open house. Consider the following tips to increase the likelihood of attracting a large audience and selling your client's property.

1. Market your online open house

You'll want to market your open house using online tools. Web-based press releases and social media are great tools that allow you to reach a wide variety of consumers in a short amount of time.

2. Clean up your home

You'll want to make the home appear attractive and pleasant to homebuyers, so take the time to de-clutter the property. Encourage your client to make his or her home look neat, as property buyers will likely try to envision themselves living in the house when they take a virtual tour.

3. Make yourself available

Plenty of questions could arise during an online open house, so make sure you're available to respond to any concerns. Queries could include questions about connecting to an online open house and about the property itself. Researching the property and online tools is necessary to ensure you can handle any homebuyer concerns. Additionally, providing an email address and cell phone number where online viewers can easily reach you could increase the likelihood of hosting a successful online open house. 

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