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Landlord and Tenant Law in Delaware

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Look before you lease. Discover how to survive today's uncertain leasing economy.

From the rental agreement to security deposits and eviction actions, you need to stay on top of all aspects of landlord-tenant law. Purchase these reference materials and get clarification on how to perform key property management duties without hassle. You will find out what you should include in the rental agreement to avoid problems down the line - such as rent and security deposit details, and what happens in case of default.

Get tips on screening potential tenants, complying with state and federal nondiscrimination laws, and legally executing an eviction - should the worst happen. Don't risk jeopardizing the landlord-tenant relationship and incurring unnecessary costs and even lawsuits. Purchase these reference materials and learn to keep your organization out of trouble.

Benefits for You
•Avoid legal battles by getting a firm grasp of both landlord and tenant obligations
•Tips on drafting better leases
•Decide when you should terminate tenancy
•Protect your bottom line - effectively manage tenant default and bankruptcy

Learning Objectives
•You will be able to describe the residential landlords perspective.
•You will be able to discuss when a tenant files bankruptcy.
•You will be able to review a tenant's perspective.
•You will be able to explain evictions.


Moderator: William P. Brady, Woloshin, Lynch, Natalie & Gagne, P.A.
Susan E. Flood, Esq., Legal Services Corporation of Delaware, Inc.
Deborah J. Galonsky, Esq., Elzufon Austin Tarlov and Mondell, P.A.