Seminar ID: 100719

Residential Tenant Screening and Selection

Presented By:
David M. Hawthorne

Akerman LLP

You will Learn:

  • The Benefits of Tenant Screening
  • The Keys to Good Tenant Screening
  • How and What to Check
  • What a Screening Report Should Show
  • Recommended Screening Process Requirements
  • Optional But Recommended Screening Requirements

The key to being a successful landlord occurs before the official landlord/tenant relationship even begins. In order to improve the chances of obtaining a viable tenant, while legally navigating what you can lawfully do or say, it is necessary to know what can or cannot be done. This 10 minute preview of our upcoming live webinar, "Residential Tenant Screening and Selection," is a must for landlords who need to know the important questions necessary to a successful screening process. We will also assist tenants in understanding what they are required to disclose. Thus, this webinar preview is beneficial to both the landlord and tenant to ensure the upmost protection of each party's rights.