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Neglected and Underused Land Reuse

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), by some estimates, recognizes approximately 13 million acres of distressed lands such as brownfields, CERCLA sites, RCRA sites and abandoned mine sites. While these sites may represent varying levels of risks to human health and the environment, they also represent large amounts of open space that can provide a beneficial use if approached correctly. From an ecological use, natural or ecological end-uses can be seen as valuable alternatives to conventional property development or redevelopment. Ecological benefits are not usually incorporated into the development of reusable land either as part of, or following remediation. Natural and green technologies have the ability to improve the ecology of the site as long as it is not in conflict with the efforts to reduce human or environmental risk at the site. Likewise, neglected or underused land often affords the opportunity to site renewable energy facilities on lands in close proximity to urban areas that could readily utilize the generated power. These often offer excellent opportunities to place solar energy production facilities or wind farms. This OnDemand Webinar will cover the methods in which neglected and/or underused distressed property can be developed in such a manner that the land is returned to a beneficial use for the community.


Charles R. Harman, PWS, AMEC Earth & Environmental


What Are Neglected and Underused Lands?

Opportunities to Effectively Utilize Distressed Lands

Benefits and Limitations

Ecological Enhancements/Re-Use

• Green Technologies vs. Ecological Enhancement

• Planning

• Implementation of Enhancements

• Monitoring and Maintenance

Renewable Energy

• Site Evaluation and Limitations

• Financial Incentives

• Solar Energy Systems

- Planning and Siting

- Implementation

• Wind Farms

- Planning and Siting

- Implementation