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Recent Developments in California Real Estate Law

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Learn about the latest California Real Estate Cases and New Statutes.This topic is an overview of the more important recent decisions and laws presented by a leading California real estate attorney. This material will provide transactional and litigation attorneys, real estate brokers and agents, and other real estate professionals, with what they need to know about recent developments in California real property law. It will include in depth discussions of decisions that could have a major practice impact in the coming year.


Alex Weyand, Weyand Law Firm, A Professional Corporation


Covering Significant Real Estate Cases and Laws

Current Highlights

• Update on Horiike v. Coldwell Banker and the California Supreme Court's Review of Dual Agency

• Attorney's Fees Clauses and Drafting Lessons From Hjelm v. Prometheus Real Estate Group

• Specific Performance vs. Monetary Damages in the Wake of Schellinger Brothers v. Cotter

Trends in Rescission Following Last Year's Wong v. Stoler Decision

• What Do the Subsequent Reported and Unreported Decisions Suggest

• Comments Regarding Structuring Settlements in Light of the Post-Appeal Informal Resolution of Wong

• Practice Tips When Handling Mandatory Mediation Demands and Rescission

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