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Unique Issues With Real Estate Litigation

OnDemand Webinar (91 minutes)

Be prepared for the types of issues encountered by real estate attorneys and how to resolve the issue.Real estate attorneys encounter specific types of ethical issues more than others. The topic will discuss issues such as ethical conflicts in real estate transactions and the ways to resolve those issues before they can lead to a mandatory withdrawal or an ethics complaint. The material will cover the duties of confidentiality and the duty of truthfulness, and how those two duties can create a conflict for the real estate attorney. The topic will address issues with limiting or defining the scope of the representation to areas of practice the attorneys is qualified and omitting areas the attorney is unqualified. The material will also cover the duties of safe keeping of property, i.e. funds, related to the transaction.


John A. Snow, Prince Yeates & Geldzahler


Conflicts of Interest

• Conflicts Between Current Clients

• Conflicts With Former Clients

• Special Conflict Rules

• Imputation of Conflicts

• Conflicts Created by Prospective Clients

Duty of Confidentiality

• General Rule

• Permissive Disclosures

Duty of Truthfulness

• General Rule

• Prohibition of Assisting Fraudulent Client

Termination of Representation/Dishonest Client

• Basis for Termination

• Noisy Withdrawal

Scope of Representation

Safekeeping of Property

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